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One Day to Explore Arizona


Since you’re here for American Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting in January and you’ve booked an extra day in Arizona, we’ve got some travel ideas for you!

Arizona Agriculture: An Often Ignored Success Story (1)


One of the greatest resources of this country is our inspiration – an idea every time you turn around.

A Conversation with an Educator: John Huppenthal


As the school year begins, children adorned with new sneakers, new clothes and graffiti-free backpacks wait anxiously with sharpened pencils for their teachers to inspire and educate. Their teachers, filled with excitement for the new school year, are ready for the task. The new Common Core standards are part of the new school year; What exactly is Common Core?

A Spark of Optimism for Ag Labor Reform


Farmers and ranchers need a reliable workforce to produce food for America, and accept that most of the workers they need come from other nations. It has been a long time coming, but U.S. lawmakers are increasingly recognizing this as well.

Get a Visual on Arizona's Farming and Ranching


By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm BureauNo excuses any more. You can learn all about Arizona farming and ranching and get a real visual on it all in the comfort of your own home – thanks to YouTube and Fill Your Plate.Arizona Farm Bureau’s Fill Your Plate now features nearly 30 videos about Arizona agriculture. You can learn about local Arizona agriculture, Arizona ranchers, Arizon...

A Positive Slant on Regulation


A Positive Slant on Regulation By Marguerite Tan, Arizona Farm Bureau YF&R Chair and Environmental Manager for Farmer JohnEvery day, the ever-evolving regulatory burden on agriculture increases. We read article after article about the doom and gloom of regulations, and I often hear, “When will the regulations stop?”  I’ll stick my neck out here and say, “I be...

Our Blueprint for the Next Year


By Kevin Rogers, Arizona Farm Bureau PresidentThis past fall’s state and national elections, current state of the economy, the state of Arizona’s budget, continued downward trend of commodity prices and shaky consumer confidence only confirms for me that we need resolve.  Our blueprint must also be flexible to react to these changing times and conditions. Nationally, we must...

Trade Matters: Arizona agriculture Exports Totaled More than $500 Million in 2006


By Kevin Rogers, Arizona Farm Bureau PresidentIf opening foreign markets to a nation’s products is a “race for trade” how are we in the U.S. ?? and specifically Arizona ?? doing compared to our competitors? Right now the U.S., due to the expiration of trade promotion authority, is taking a break from negotiating new free trade agreements (FTAs) and focusing more on approving agr...

Emotions Versus Science: Battling the Fringe


By Philip BashawGovernment Relations ManagerArizona Farm BureauIn the last century the explosion of technological advances has created a culture that is more productive and specialized than ever.  Few industries have embraced that technology as wholly as agriculture.  GPS systems applied to farming implements have been reported to save up to 40% on tilling time improving fuel, time and ...

Election 2006 - A New Beginning in Agriculture


Election 2006 – A New Beginning for Agriculture  By Kevin Rogers, Arizona Farm Bureau PresidentThis year’s election has, seemingly in the blink of an eye, already come and gone. Arizona Farm Bureau members, both farmers and ranchers, were involved at every level, from local and state candidate races to the nineteen Arizona ballot propositions. Specifically, for the...