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Where We Accept Risk; Where We Don’t


Since Americans eat an estimated 130 million salads a day, California and Arizona leafy greens farmers, along with shippers, have zero tolerance (sometimes called a “no fail” policy) when it comes to safety in the food safety supply chain.

Food Safety is a Priority for our Farmers and Ranchers


Arizona families and Americans across the country would be pleased to discover that our produce farmers in Arizona and California take food safety very seriously.

We Pesticide to Our Health Daily!


In everyday life, we're using pesticides to protect our health. Can you guess what they are? In fact, the everyday pesticide footprint is bigger than agriculture's pesticide footprint.

Fighting Hunger in Arizona with Agriculture's Help


Arizona has ranked 10th nationally in food insecurity but dropped to 12th in a recent study; we are still 6th in the country for child food insecurity.

Farmers and Ranchers Dig Deep


Sacrifice carries deep meaning but for military families it’s routine.

Food Safety’s Farm-to-Fork Continuum


Everyone in the farm-to-fork continuum should keep documentation for one-step back and one-step forward, meaning that they know who they received the product from and they know who they gave it to, the food supply chain.

Arizona Farmers Pleased With Farm Bill Passage in the House


The Farm Bill is a bill for everyone in Arizona and America,” said Arizona Farm Bureau President Stefanie Smallhouse and Pima County rancher.

We’re Serious about Food Safety


Our California and Arizona produce farmers are serious about food safety and our most recent video on this topic highlight that point.

Food Safety's New Way Forward in Arizona


Mr. Oddo’s insights highlight the high points of Senate Bill 1063: Produce Safety Rule; State Administration recently signed into law by Arizona’s Governor Ducey. The bill allows the Arizona Department of Agriculture to assume primary enforcement of the Produce Safety Rule.

It's a New Year; Did You Hear about Arizona Farm Bureau's Priority Issues?


Arizona Farm Bureau's Legislative to-do list is big, but manageable. Water and food safety are at the top of the list.