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Arizona Agriculture: An Often Ignored Success Story (1)


One of the greatest resources of this country is our inspiration – an idea every time you turn around.

2014 Legislative Wrap-up


This is written “almost” at the end of the legislative session - just a few days to go. There is always some danger in providing a wrap-up, especially if something pops up in the interim. Sometimes the legislature is standing water, sometimes a trickle and sometimes a torrent, but while it is in session, it is real and it is organic, and then it all stops.

Farm Accidents Will Happen


What you should know from those who show up to help.

Arizona Farm Bureau Wins Big in San Antonio


Arizona Farm Bureaus was presented awards at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 95th Annual Convention last month in San Antonio.

May 2013, Volume 66, No. 5


A Conversation with a Visionary: CEO of Yulex

April 2013, Volume 66, No. 4


A conversation with an Energy Economist: Oil Boom 2.0

A Teacher Shares Why Ag Education Inspires


Annually, various Arizona agriculture groups come together to help organize the University of Arizona College of Ag and Life Sciences Cooperative Extension’s Agricultural Literacy Program’s Summer Agricultural Institute (SAI). The SAI is a 5-day seminar held in June to engage teachers with the many facets of Arizona agriculture. As a result, the program provides our state’s teachers with first-hand experience and knowledge to incorporate into their own classroom curriculum.

Conversation with an Organic "Retail" Farmer: Bob McClendon


Local and organic sells better than either one alone. Just ask Robert (Bob) and Marsha McClendon, members of Arizona Farm Bureau and owners of McClendon’s Select; a retail/direct-market farm. They’re so niched and specialized, they shake their own heads at how strong the demand is for their product.

Arizona Food Prices Down 3.5%


Arizona retail food prices at the supermarket are down in the second quarter of 2013, according to the latest Arizona Farm Bureau Federation Marketbasket Survey. The informal survey shows the total cost of 16 basic grocery items was $47.97, down $1.78 or about 3.5% less than the first quarter of 2012.

Keeping Yarnell and Arizona Firefighters in our Prayers


We are deeply saddened by the loss of 19 firefighters who had been battling the fire up in Northern Arizona.