98th Annual Meeting November 13 through 15 at Wigwam Resort

98th Annual Meeting November 13 through 15 at Wigwam Resort

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The work of the Arizona Farm Bureau delegate body is our most important work during the Annual Meeting. Throughout our 2-day Annual Meeting, we’ll also offer a deep dive into some very important topics including Understanding Disruptive Technology, Dissecting Your Credit Score, Succession Planning and How to diversify your ag business to weather tough economic storms. We’re calling the experts in on a variety of these issues. Not only core topics important to our farm and ranch businesses, but we’ll also hear from the experts as it relates to our political climate and what to expect in the upcoming 2020 election year, and more!

This year, our keynote is Vance Crowe, a communications consultant that has worked for corporations and international organizations around the world. He has spoken before more than 90,000 people, answering questions about some of the most sophisticated and controversial agriculture technology in the modern age. Vance helps organizations realize why the general public doesn’t agree with the farmer and rancher’s perspective and offers new ways to communicate that effectively resolve disagreements and builds rapport with critics and stakeholders.

Vance’s Presentation: Surfing a wave in the middle of the desert: Why those willing to be a fool, become masters of disruptive technologies.

Technology is inherently disruptive, it creates new ways to accomplish our most ancient human goals; how to be fit, wealthy and happy. For those coming up in the world, disruption may be a welcomed change, an opportunity to raise their position in life. For those that have achieved balance, disruption is a threat to the stability they have built. As leaders of a critical agricultural institution, the Arizona Farm Bureau, how should you view the inevitable disruption? How do you prepare your members to face the chaos of the unknown? You can’t adopt everything, but you can’t ignore it either. In this talk, communications strategist, Vance Crowe, discusses the wavelike nature of disruptive technologies, offering the audience the skills to recognize and ride the wave rather than being swept over by it. Vance will highlight the key role leaders can play in keeping their members open to new ideas, the daily habits one can cultivate to spot new waves, and the skills to decide which technologies will ultimately disrupt the established order. The audience will leave with actionable skills, new people to engage with, and have compelling reasons to be willing to be a fool.

Plus, Wednesday Afternoon Sessions

  • Understanding Your Credit Score – Bob Baker, Assistant Vice President, Farm Bureau Bank
  • Changing Hands – Your Legacy, Their Future – Michael Simpson, Regional Consultant, Farm Bureau Financial Services
  • Diversifying your Ag Operation Panel (Agritourism, Direct Marketing) – Panel