Today, AgPAC of the Arizona Farm Bureau announced its endorsement of candidates running for positions in the Arizona State Senate and Arizona House of Representatives.

AgPAC Chairwoman Sherry Saylor issued the following statement:

“As Arizona Agriculture’s Political Action Committee, AgPAC of the Arizona Farm Bureau is committed to promoting and supporting candidates who support the polices of the Arizona Farm Bureau. The candidates we endorse today have proven their commitment to preserving agriculture’s access to water and protecting private property rights. If elected in November, we look forward to working with each of them toward a more prosperous future for Arizona agriculture.”

Arizona State Senate

  • Karen Fann, LD1
  • Lisa Otondo, LD4
  • Jamescita Peshlakai, LD7
  • T.J. Shope, LD8
  • Vince Leach, LD11
  • Warren Petersen, LD12
  • Sine Kerr, LD13
  • David Gowan, LD14
  • Nancy Barto, LD15
  • J.D. Mesnard, LD17
  • Sean Bowie, LD18
  • Lupe Contreras, LD19
  • Rick Gray, LD21
  • David Livingston, LD22
  • Kate Brophy-McGee, LD23
  • Lela Alston, LD24
  • Tyler Pace, LD25
  • Rebecca Rios, LD27
  • Kate Brophy-McGee, LD

Arizona House of Representatives

  • Judy Burgess, LD1
  • Daniel Hernandez, LD2
  • Rosanna Gabaldon, LD2
  • Alma Hernandez, LD3
  • Joel John, LD4
  • Leo Biassuci, LD5
  • Regina Cobb, LD5
  • Brenda Barton, LD6
  • Walter Blackman, LD6
  • Arlando Teller, LD7
  • Jim Parks, LD7
  • Frank Pratt, LD8
  • Bret Roberts, LD11
  • Mark Finchem, LD11
  • Travis Grantham, LD12
  • Tim Dunn, LD13
  • Joanne Osborne, LD13
  • Becky Nutt, LD14
  • Gail Griffin, LD14
  • Justin Wilmeth, LD15
  • Jeff Weninger, LD17
  • Diego Espinoza, LD19
  • Anthony Kern, LD20
  • Shawnna Bolick, LD20
  • Kevin Payne, LD21
  • Ben Toma, LD22
  • Frank Carrol, LD22
  • Rusty Bowers, LD25
  • Michelle Udall, LD25
  • Robert Meza, LD30

In addition, AgPAC is proud to endorse the following county and local candidates:

  • Stephen Miller, Supervisor: Pinal County District 3
  • Clint Hickman, Supervisor: Maricopa County District 4
  • Mark Freeman, City Councilman: City of Mesa
  • Becky Hays Rovey, Town Councilman: Town of Wickenburg

AgPAC was established to provide individuals interested in the future of the agricultural industry a way to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for Arizona’s Federal, State, and Local offices. AgPAC raises funds to support the candidates of any party affiliation who are committed to working for the best interests of Arizona agriculture. For more information, visit