As anyone who’s looked at a phone, email account, mailbox, or sign-laden street corner lately can tell you, 2018 is an election year. As the legislative session winds down, candidates for state seats will join their federal counterparts in ramping up campaign efforts, making sure that names and slogans are repeated so frequently that you’ll never forget them – at least not until after you’ve voted for them!

As Arizona Farm Bureau members, you’re in a unique position to understand just how important elections can be. You see first-hand the impact of both good and bad policy on your businesses and your families. Every decision made at the Capitol, whether in Arizona or in Washington, has the potential to impact your way of life. And, as staff, we work hard to empower you to speak up for what you need and be effective advocates for your interests.

But, as agriculture knows all too well, the unfortunate reality is that the message you’re speaking can sometimes be less powerful than the will of the person you’re speaking to. Even your most effective advocacy is no match for an elected official who fundamentally and irrevocably disagrees with your position. But thankfully, the same is true when officials are on our side. Even the best advocate for bad policy won’t be able to sway a strong, informed supporter of Arizona agriculture.

What that means for the Farm Bureau members is we need to put just as much effort into making sure good candidates are elected as we do into making sure our officials know how we want them to vote. To roughly paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, an ounce of support for good candidates is worth a pound of good policy once that candidate is elected into office. And ounces of support are what AgPAC is all about.

As Arizona Agriculture’s political action committee, AgPAC works hard to support candidates who believe in lower taxes, water rights, private property, multiple use of public lands, and less government. AgPAC is nonpartisan and determines our positions solely based on which candidates will be the best candidates for the agricultural industry. And through AgPAC, individuals like you have an opportunity to contribute to the campaigns of worthy candidates for Arizona’s Federal, State and Local offices.

No matter what the advocacy effort, Arizona Farm Bureau is at an advantage when the right people are in office. And it’s AgPAC mission to make sure the right people are elected to office. In this election year, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to join AgPAC as we contribute to the campaigns of worthy individuals who are committed to work for agriculture’s best interests. Make this election year more than a series of forgotten sound bites – make it the year that agriculture is represented better than ever before! 

To support AgPAC today, mail your contributions to AgPAC, 325 S. Higley Road, Suite 210, Gilbert, Arizona 85296.

Editor’s NNote:’s Public Policy Page hosts a 2018 summary of the last Legislative session. In the meantime, watch for information on our Policy Development process that Arizona Farm Bureau is now moving into. 

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