By Governor proclamation, November 2021 is Arizona Leafy Greens month and the leafy greens farming community will be celebrating through a variety of outreach activities on social media including with Arizona Farm Bureau member and Farmer influencer Jon Dinsmore. Plus, Food influencer Diana Brandt, aka the “Arizona Foodie,” will visit a lettuce farm to highlight the contributions of Arizona agriculture for her more than 150,000 followers. 

Dinsmore will take over Arizona LGMA’s social feeds this month to help people see the farming aspect of Arizona leafy greens. And throughout the month there will be contests and giveaways on the organization’s Instagram and Facebook channels.

Arizona Governor Ducey has proclaimed November 2021 Arizona leafy Greens month because Arizona is known as the winter lettuce capital of the U.S. providing Americans with an abundance of lettuce and leafy greens from November to March. Through this proclamation, he called upon all residents to recognize the Arizona leafy greens industry during the month of November for consistently producing an abundance of nutritious and safe leafy greens Arizona families have access to whether shopping at their local grocer or farmer’s market.

According to United States Department of Agriculture statistics, Arizona farmers grow approximately 25% of the total U.S. lettuce supply each year. The mild desert climate allows for leafy greens farming in Arizona for five months out of the year, making their contribution to the nation’s lettuce supply substantial in the winter months.

Leafy greens farming in Arizona is a big business that involves the work of many family farms. On an annual basis, the leafy greens farming community in Arizona generates a $2 billion economic impact. Perhaps most importantly, Arizona farmers are committed to growing and harvesting safe lettuce and leafy greens through the Arizona LGMA food safety certification program.

Arizona Farm Bureau’s produce farmer members know the importance of the Arizona LGMA food safety program. "Through the LGMA program, ultimately the best science available, we work to control, prevent and keep out pathogens,” said Yuma farmer and Arizona Farm Bureau’s First Vice President John Boelts, “Arizona farm families growing vegetables take food safety very seriously because what we grow, we feed our own families. Food safety is considered our highest priority in growing fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables for Americans across the country.”


About Arizona Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement 

The Arizona LGMA is a food safety program for lettuce and leafy greens grown in Arizona. Arizona LGMA members are shippers of Arizona leafy greens who utilize strict food safety best practices to ensure the integrity of leafy greens grown, harvested and shipped from Arizona. The program aims to mitigate potential food safety issues through an intricate system of checks and balances and is administered by the Arizona Department of Agriculture.