This last Saturday (February 2), our Rosie on the House farm fresh topic was strawberries, a favorite berry for most of us. We're so in love with this fruit that our Arizona Farm Bureau team posted an article listing 100 Things to do with Strawberries on our Fill Your Plate blog!

And, we discovered on the show that Arizona farmers are good at growing strawberries, but they're not always economically viable as a commercial crop because of the broad market when strawberries are at their peak (You'll have to listen in to the podcast below to understand why). But, it certainly proves once again that Arizona can grow just about anything as long as we have water, soil, and sunshine.

Our retail farmers in Arizona, like Blue Sky Farms, is growing them and others too. So, while Arizona might not be growing them on a large scale some of our smaller, direct-market, or retail, farmers are doing a wonderful job of getting us Arizona-grown strawberries.

Tune in to the Rosie on the House podcast below. The show also features the latest on our issues with water including the fast-tracked Drought Contingency Plan that the Arizona Legislature just passed and the Governor signed.