Arizona’s three biotech crops are cotton, field corn, and alfalfa!

Arizona cotton, corn and alfalfa account for nearly 20% of our state’s crop production!

96.3% of Arizona’s cotton is biotech (GMO).

Arizona’s biotech crops protect the environment, reduce pesticide use, and grow more with less!

While Arizona only grows three of the biotech crops, there are 10 crops available and on the market today:

1.      Apple

2.      Potato

3.      Field Corn

4.      Canola

5.      Alfalfa

6.      Soybean

7.      Rainbow Papaya

8.      Cotton

9.      Sugar Beet

10.  Sweet Corn

11.  Summer Squash

And, while Arizona’s biotech crops are not considered direct food crops to consumers, according to scientists, there is no reason to avoid GMO foods. Why? There’s no nutritional difference between a GMO and its non-GMO counterpart unless it has intentionally added nutrients.

But back to Arizona, combined, Arizona biotech cotton, alfalfa, and field corn crops bring millions to our state’s economy!

Editor's Note: Arizona Farm Bureau celebrates all methods of farming. We have policy supporting both organic farming and biotech, including conventional, farming. 

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