Road trip!  Do you love to travel?  Whether you are traveling south to Yuma or north to Flagstaff, or any place in between, Arizona is a great place to travel. I’m truly a desert rat so every part of Arizona appeals to me…including off-road.  “Gee, I wonder where that dirt road goes,” I’ll say to my husband.  And then off we go down a dirt road on a new adventure.


Depending of the distance you’ll be traveling, you might consider renting a car the next time you travel. When you rent you are putting miles on somebody else’s vehicle, plus it saves wear and tear on the vehicle you own. Long road trips can be hard on a vehicle and could lead to future repairs.


Farm Bureau members are fortunate to have discounts at a variety of car rental companies available. Members will find these listed under “Travel” on their FB Benefit app or the Farm Bureau website at


Car Rental Companies


Alamo Rent-a-Car                         Statewide     


Avis Car Rental                               Statewide      


Budget                                            Statewide      


Enterprise Rent-a-Car                       Statewide


National Car Rental                         Statewide



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