On August 30, 2021 EPA issues a final rule to revoke all tolerances for chlorpyrifos. Following the issuance of this final rule, many agricultural organizations, including the American Farm Bureau Federation, filed objections to the rule and requested EPA delay the implementation and issue a stay of the rule. In response to these objections EPA issued an Order on February 28, 2022 which denies all objections, requests for hearing on those objections, as well as requests for stay of the final rule. The effective date of this Order is February 28, 2022. The Order also coincides with EPA’s final rule which outlined that the revocation of tolerances for chlorpyrifos would be effective February 28th, 2022. You can read more about August 30, 2021 final rule that revoked all tolerances here.  

EPA’s most recent action will be incorporated into the ongoing registration review of chlorpyrifos. EPA is proceeding with the registration review for the remaining non-food uses, which EPA claims may propose additional measures to reduce human health and ecological risks.

The American Farm Bureau Federation is currently suing the EPA over the final order to revoke tolerances in eleven high-benefit agricultural crops, including alfalfa and cotton, which the EPA had deemed safe. We will continue to keep our members informed on this issue as further developments arise.