Can you name the four key duties required of all Farm Bureau volunteer leaders? Don't feel bad, I couldn't name the four key duties of a Farm Bureau County leader either. But now I can, and off the top of my head! I went to FB University and in one hour I got all the "Governance" information I needed to know how to be effective as a county Farm Bureau leader. I walked away from the experience more appreciative of what our county leadership must do. 

But, let me tell you my story. They have a pre-assessment test prior to moving through the Governance Pathway. I got a 66.66% (basically missed 3 out of the 9 questions). So, If in a regular class it would have been a poor grade. I want to understand your challenges as a Farm Bureau volunteer leader. Therefore, one place to learn is through FB University


As Arizona Farm Bureau's director in charge of Organization, I want to help you and the Field Managers make your volunteer leadership roles successful. And, now we have a new tool through American Farm Bureau's FB University. This kind of sounds like marketing-speak ... but it's not. For one thing going through the FB University pathways is free. You just need a computer and Internet connection. 


I actually enjoyed it because it was engaging and easy to use. And, I love to learn. My plan is to complete all 5 pathways.


How can we help you if you're interested? Call either Amber Morin, Christy Davis or myself and we'll walk you through the initial process. You'll have to establish a user name and password. Plus, if your Internet connection is slow on the farm or ranch, when you're coming our way for meetings or other duties, contact us and we'll set you up with a laptop to take one of the one-hour courses at headquarters. Or, we might even host a group learning event if wanted or warranted ... the skies the limit to our opportunities to exploit this new tool. Those that complete the course will get a certificate and for every county leader that completes all 5 pathways, we'll provide a special gift for you. 


Curious what those five key duties are? Nope. Not telling until you go through the Governance Pathway at FB University! I will tell you one aspect of what you'll learn, your board member roles (a bit different than duties) because I so often see them in you when hanging out with you in the counties: You are guardians, visionaries, stewards, recruiters and great spokespeople.