By Joe Sigg, Arizona Farm Bureau: When I was young, the oldest brother  was a bully and fairly mean. One day I was in a grain wagon and he hollered for me. As I peered over the edge, he threw a galvanized bucket at my head, and I still carry the scar from the edge of the pail.

Issues now confront me and often in the same manner. I was in Denver last week with Farm Bureau colleagues (misfit lobbyists). In one of the sessions we were addressed by one of our type, who had lobbied in bygone years for oil & gas and agriculture – she now does strategic development work for one of the companies involved with recreational marijuana.

Your full-color instructional guide on responsible use ...issues move on fits and starts.

Her stories were interesting, but the take-away along with her business card was a high quality, colorful plastic card with excellent production values entitled “Edibles Education Start Low. Go Slow."

A short primer if you will … towards how much do you ingest if you are a new consumer or then occasional consumer or a frequent consumer. A guide to dosages.

I looked at the card and rubbed my scar – as if I was just hit in the head again. I thought I was peanut butter being squeezed through the keyhole of a time warp … a Farm Bureau meeting on marijuana. Time does not march on evenly … it moves on issues in fits and starts, and this one has moved fast over the prior couple of years.

I gotta go take an aspirin.

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