Paying for college can be cumbersome for many students, and student debt is a burden that many parents do not want their children saddled with. Arizona’s county Farm Bureaus understand this and are here to help!

Local county Farm Bureaus from across Arizona provide financial support to students pursuing agricultural related degrees and career paths. The goal being to invest in the future of agriculture – you, the students!


Click here for upcoming scholarship opportunities! Plus, find below a list in chronological order of their deadlines.


1.    Pinal County Farm Bureau –  March 1, 2017

2.    Mohave County Farm Bureau – March 31 & November 1, 2017

3.    La Paz County Farm Bureau –  April 1, 2017

4.    Pima County Farm Bureau – April 30, 2017

5.    Maricopa County Farm Bureau – May 1, 2017

6.    Yuma County Farm Bureau – May 1, 2017

7.    Cochise County Farm Bureau – May 13, 2017

8.    Coconino County Farm Bureau – August 1, 2017


Editor’s Note: Applications are being updated regularly, if the application you are looking at is from 2016, please check this site again soon.