U of A is launching a project to install soil moisture sensors for a year in farms throughout the state of Arizona, aiming to help farmers track and manage soil moisture for better irrigation. Given the project's limited funding, the researchers will be applying a first-come, first-served approach. If you want to be included in this research, reach out to the contact below.


The Details … 


Project Focus:

Their goal is to gain a better understanding of soil moisture dynamics to empower farmers with more efficient irrigation management strategies. By participating, you contribute directly to the development of tools that can enhance your decision-making process regarding when and how much to irrigate.

Benefits to You:

Participating in this research not only advances the Arizona agriculture industry’s collective understanding of soil moisture but also provides you with insights to manage your irrigations more efficiently, potentially leading to improved crop yields.

Your Contribution:

The research team is offering the installation of a soil moisture sensor on your farm, a device that will collect valuable data crucial to improving irrigation models and apps developed by Dr. Peter Waller from the University of Arizona. Your insights and experiences are integral to this research, and they believe the results will directly benefit farmers across the state.

Data Confidentiality:

Your privacy is paramount to the research team. Any data collected from the soil moisture sensors will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. If you choose to share your irrigation data, rest assured that it will be kept strictly confidential. Presentations of research findings will anonymize all information, ensuring no mention of specific farm names.

Installation Details:

The research team will handle the installation of the sensors, but they may need a bit of assistance from you or a farm helper for an hour or two every time they need to install or remove the sensor. Your involvement during this phase is minimal, and they will ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in being part of this initiative or have any questions, please respond to the contact information below. The research team will then provide you with additional details, including the installation process and a tentative timeline for the study.


If you are interested in participating or if you like more information, contact: Dr. Diaa Eldin Elshikha at 520-374-6239 (office) or 520-518-0394 (mobile). Additionally, you can reach Doctor Elshikha via email at diaaelshikha@arizona.edu