While our retail farm segment (farmers and ranchers that sell directly to the public) is less than 2% of our $17 billion Arizona agriculture industry, they serve one of our most important engagement functions: outreach.

Why? This is the farmer and rancher group that typically has a direct connection to the public.

Some of our farm and ranch families have ventured into retail/direct market farming while also traditional commodity farmers. Either way, our retail/direct market farm and ranch families have compelling stories to tell and are serving up some amazing agriculture for our state.

  1. Justice Family (Organic Citrus and Natural Beef)
  2. The Sossaman Family (Traditional row crops and ancient grains)
  3. Predmore Family (Wine grapes)
  4. The Ham Family (Landscaping)
  5. Bostock Family (Wine grape growers)
  6. Chaz Shelton (Aquaponics)
  7. Danzeisen Family (Dairy)
  8. Statler Family (summer vegetables & floral farming)
  9. Carlson Family (wine grapes)
  10. Evans Family (sweet corn)
  11. Petersen Family (Cattle)
  12. Killian Family (Crops, citrus and cattle)
  13. Creech Family (direct-to-market farming, retail farmer)
  14. Anderson Family (direct-to-market farming, retail farmer)
  15. Mortimer Family (direct market farm, cattle, plant nursery)

16.  Graham Family (wine grapes, pistachios)

As we continue to profile our farm and ranch families in Arizona, we’ll feature more of our retail farmers. For the complete list of the more than 100 farm and ranch families, go here.

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