As temperatures rise with summer in full swing, Arizonans are looking to escape the scorching heat. But, as summer travels unfold and the need for gasoline increases so does a consumer’s risk of becoming a victim to credit card theft. In Arizona and across the nation, more and more consumers are becoming victims to this high-tech crime  ?  credit/debit card skimming devices being installed within gas pumps that collect your credit card information and other information allowing criminals to have access to your bank accounts and other financial records.


The Weights and Measures Services Division (WMSD), one of eight divisions housed within the Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA), has the following seven tips to protect consumers when getting gas.


1.     Inspect the fuel dispenser to make sure the dispenser cabinet is closed and has not been tampered with. If there is damaged equipment, do not use.

2.     Wiggle the credit card readers slot. If loose, do not use.

3.     Ask site employees about security measures they implement to protect your card information.

4.     Do not use a debit card.  If you must use a debit card, run as credit so you don’t enter your PIN. Credit cards have a better fraud protection and the money is not immediately deducted from your account.

5.     Make your fuel purchases inside or pay cash.

6.     Use dispensers in well-lit areas closer to the front of the store. Dimly lit, out of view dispensers are more likely targets.

7.     Frequently monitor your credit card and bank statements.


Customers who suspect their credit card number has been compromised should report it immediately to local law enforcement and their credit card company.


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