Membership Matters: New Version of the FB Benefits App Now Available

Membership Matters: New Version of the FB Benefits App Now Available
We have an app for that!

Belonging makes a difference. That’s why, because you are an Arizona Farm Bureau member, you have special advantages right at your fingertips – like discounts and benefits on your mobile app.

In May, a new version of the FB Member Benefits mobile app was released for Android and iOS users. When Farm Bureau members update to the new version of the app, they will be greeted with the same great access to all their member benefits on the go, plus access to their insurance and membership cards.

Members are encouraged to update to the new version of the app now. Until a suitable update percentage has been achieved, we will continue to update member benefits information in both the old and new applications.

Technology today is great, but if you are experiencing trouble when attempting to download the FB Benefits app you might become frustrated, give-up or worse, you don’t use it. That’s not good!

Here’s how to work through those trouble spots and download your FREE FB Benefit app.

Trouble:         The app doesn’t recognize my membership number or it says I’m not a member.

Solution:        There are several reasons this might happen.

·       Make sure you are using an eight-digit number beginning with a ‘2’

example: 28079499.

·       If you recently became a member and your membership is in “pending” status the app won’t recognize your membership number. You will have to wait until the membership is active to download the app.

Trouble:         The app shuts down when I try to view my membership card.

Solution:        Make sure the your IOS on the phone is up-to-date.  Turn your phone off and back on. Choose a wifi network with a good connection and download the app. If connected to a wifi with a poor connection, turn off wifi and attempt to download it over cellular data.

Trouble:         I have been using the FB Benefit app and now it doesn’t work.

Solution:        Your membership may have expired.  Pay your membership. Then after 24 hours put in your member number and zip code again, then the app will open. If it still doesn’t open.  Delete the app and reinstall.


Editor’s note: For more information on our member benefits including our regional benefits go to Arizona Farm Bureau’s member benefits page online. Or, download the Member Benefits app to your smart phone for easy, everyday access to your benefits.