Like many people, I love to drive. My favorite place for a leisurely weekend drive is anywhere outside of the city on the open road, cruising through the desert or up in the mountains of Arizona. During the work week, I still love to drive but admit that the daily commute in rush hour traffic can be stressful.

To stay calm and focused on my driving I found a few things that help.

Here’s a few tips on staying calm:

  1. Take a deep breath.

  2. Sing with the music on your radio.

  3. Recite a favorite mantra or saying to yourself, quietly. Yelling at the idiot who drifted into your lane, “Get off your cell phone!” doesn’t work.

  4. Remind yourself that you’re not in a hurry. Leave a few minutes early so you’re not in a hurry.

  5. Give other drivers the benefit of the doubt; maybe they have an emergency or maybe they have a fear of driving, making them a bad driver.

On the positive side of driving, Farm Bureau member can drive into their local Ford or Lincoln Dealers and receive a $500 bonus cash rebate on a new Ford or $750 on a Lincoln

Driving is fun. Keep calm and focused!

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