It's the little things that you do each day that adds up to being healthy and fit. While we do what we can to be as health-conscious as possible, it's always a work in progress since there are many elements to a healthy lifestyle. If you are 50 or over and want to be proactive about your health, you might consider having a stroke and vascular health screening. 


According to Life Line Screening's 2018 annual report, 206 Arizona Farm Bureau members were screened during the year.  During the 2018 screenings, three members showed a high risk for Abdominal Aortic aneurysm between 3-5 cm. These participants were requested to follow up with their Physician as soon as possible.


Since 2012, over 1,300 members of the Arizona Farm Bureau have had these simple, potentially life-saving screenings done. Many people who have suffered from strokes, aneurysm or vascular disease have had no prior symptoms or warning signs. Many may not know, you can't just walk into your doctor's office and order these screenings if you don't exhibit any symptoms.


Should you take these life-saving tests?

Stroke/Carotid Artery

Heart Rhythm

Chronic Kidney Disease

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Peripheral Arterial Disease


The answer is yes!  Farm Bureau members have the added benefit discounted screening fee.  Get your FREE health information at


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