Stretch Your Food Dollar Menu 23





Menu for the 3rd Quarter Stretch Your Food Dollar Menu:


Sunday:                Pork Roast

                               Baked potatoes

                              Tossed Salad

                              Milk or Iced Tea


Monday:               Beef Burritos

                              Refried beans

                              Milk or Iced tea



Tuesday:              BBQ Pork roast sandwiches


        Milk or Iced Tea



Wednesday:         “Make your own” Taco night


                                   Milk or Iced Tea


Thursday:            Meatloaf

                              Steamed Broccoli

                              Baked apples

                              Milk or iced Tea


Friday:                  Hamburgers

                              Favorite chips

                              Milk or Iced Tea


Saturday:             Tamale Pie

                              Flour tortillas or tortilla chips

                              Milk or Iced Tea


***You may adjust this suggested menu to your family’s likes and needs.











Shopping list

Dry goods:

 1 package hamburger buns

1 package crusty rolls

1 dozen flour tortillas

1 dozen corn tortillas



 1 heads iceberg lettuce

1 bag American salad mix

2 - large slicing tomatoes

1 bunch green onions

 4 large apples

Cole slaw mix

4 baking potatoes

 1 bunch broccoli



2- gallons milk

1  - 16- ounce block cheese




Pantry items you might have on hand:

2 sticks butter             Vegetable oil 

 Mayo                          Bread crumbs

Hot sauce                    Salt & Pepper

Seasonings                  Mustard

Salad dressing            Ketchup



 3-4 lbs Pork roast

5 lbs hamburger




 1 can refried beans

 1 jar salsa

 BBQ sauce

 1 bag favorite chips

 1 bag tortilla chips

 1 can sliced black olives

 2 small cans tomato sauce

 1 package rice






The cost of all the items on the “Stretch Your Food Dollar Menu 23” is about $72.95. Note that most of the shopping list items for this quarters menu are non-processed…keeping costs down.