Pets and livestock play a huge role in our lives. Whether it be to support our livelihood or to bring us companionship. Either way, sometimes they get sick and require medications just like we do. Arizona Farm Bureau members are eligible to receive a 15% discount on brand name medicines. Members will also be eligible to receive a 55% discount on generic pet and livestock supplements and medications and all pet and livestock care products. 

Around 50% of the medication that your pet needs are human medications, but in different doses which can be purchased at your local participating pharmacy. We would recommend you purchase any specialty medication from your veterinarian. 

You can save tremendously by using the USA Pet Meds discount drug card for human medications that are used for your pet. 

The USA Pet Meds discount drug card can used throughout the entire United States, District of Columbia and its territories, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and Guam. 

It’s simple, just like 1,2,3. First get the prescription from your veterinarian for your pet’s medication. Secondly take the card and prescription to your local participating drug store. Then save 15 to 55% or more based on which medication your pet needs.

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