As the world becomes more technologically advanced, it is no surprise that the agriculture industry is embracing new technologies to improve efficiency and productivity. One of these technologies is drones, which have become increasingly popular among farmers for collecting data and providing valuable insights for better decision-making. An Arizona Farm Bureau member benefit, Vantage UAV is a global drone services and solution company offering Arizona Farm Bureau Members a cashback discount on specific drone hardware and a value for any drone service, such as surveys and inspections.


Vantage UAV offers various drone services that provide clients with viable, functional data to ensure that critical decisions can be made safer and more efficiently. The company offers a free consultation to determine which service or solution is most appropriate to meet the member's particular requirement(s). Depending on the hardware or service required, members can receive a cashback discount or a percentage discount for Drone as a Service.


Drones are particularly useful in agriculture, as they provide a wealth of data that farmers can use to make better management decisions. Mapping and surveying involve utilizing different sensors, ensuring that the drones improve the efficiency and accuracy of data capture across sectors much faster and more cost-effectively. Information from drone surveys can help with field and irrigation management, maximizing yields, producing 3D models, crop consulting, crop inspection, covering large areas quickly, improving efficiency, and improving product quality while decreasing management costs.


Our Special Feature: Training


Vantage UAV also provides additional training for anyone who requires it and the opportunity to test new technology in a controlled environment. The company's technical experts can help integrate automated UAV services into a business, providing ongoing support to clients.


Vantage UAV empowers Arizona farmers and ranchers with drone technology, allowing them to make better management decisions that enhance crop yields and profitability. With the discounts offered to Arizona Farm Bureau Members, using drones in agriculture is more accessible and affordable than ever. If you are a farmer looking to improve your management decisions and increase productivity, consider utilizing Vantage UAV's drone services and solutions.


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