We’re taking advantage of our virtual format to bring you even more of the quality content you’re used to, free of charge from the comfort of your own home!

Every year, Arizona Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting gives us the chance to put together a solid lineup of workshops, speakers, and presentations for our members in attendance. Even though our physical meeting has been abbreviated to account for COVID precautions, our extra content has not. In fact, moving to a hybrid virtual format for our Annual Meeting means we have even more business, leadership, and industry development workshops coming your way!


Plus, since we’re virtual we can extend an opportunity to all our members and others to participate in the series that runs through December 16th. You’ll want to attend because while some presentations in the series will be pre-taped all of the Q&A sessions at the end of each presentation are live. If you want a particular question answered, you’ll want to log on and be part of the overall live presentation.


Every Wednesday between November 4 and December 16, we’ll bring you live virtual workshops covering all the topics you’re used to seeing at our Annual Meeting. With a dynamic keynote speaker, an address from President Smallhouse, an update from Farm Bureau Financial Services, a panel on water, and so much more, you’ll have the chance to tune in live as we update you on all you need to know about the Arizona ag industry as we round the corner into 2021. 

Our partner sponsors for the lineup include Farm Bureau Financial Services, Kimberly Clark, Arizona Ford Dealers Association and Sanderson Ford. Their support is appreciated.

Registration is now open to anyone interested.


Webinar Wednesday Lineup

November 4th

10:00 - Livestock Market Working Group Report: Scott Bennett and Michael Nepveux, AFBF

12:00 – Game Cams, Livestock Loss, and More: An Update from Arizona Game and Fish


November 11th

10:00 – Arizona Farm Bureau President’s Report and Welcome

11:00 – Understanding Modern Consumers, Navigating Skepticism, Confusion and Clutter with Steve Lerch, Keynote Speaker (Partner sponsored with Farm Bureau Financial Services.)


November 18th

10:00 – What to Expect from Washington, DC: Federal Election Update with Copper State Consulting

12:00 – The Red/Blue Perspective: State Elections Update and Legislative Forecast with Veridus, LLC


December 2nd

10:00 – Farm Markets Update from AFBF

12:00 - Current State of Trade from AFBF 


December 9th

10:00 – Communicating Animal Care with Candance Croney

12:00 – Groundwater Issues Panel: Navigating What Comes Next


December 16th

10:00 – Making the Most out of your Farm Service Agency

12:00 - Protecting Futures & Livelihoods: What’s New with Farm Bureau Financial Services


Registration is simple and you can register online for only those workshops you wish to attend.