By Arizona Farm Bureau First Vice President and Rancher Stefanie Smallhouse and Arizona Farm Bureau Communication & Organization Director Julie Murphree:  Time is truly our most valuable Resource. Stolen or recklessly given away, we lose. But one organization helps us multiply our time; the Farm Bureau

What Does Farm Bureau Get You? (Video)

Time has become so valuable in our lives and that’s where Farm Bureau comes in. Farm Bureau is the time multiplier for each of us. All of has have more issues and more problems to deal with every day than we would ever have enough time to address. Because of the Farm Bureau’s grassroots structure led by our volunteer leaders we can aggregate or multiply time for each member.

While you’re busy on your farm and ranch, one of our county Farm Bureau leaders may be right now testifying before the Arizona Legislature or Congress to protect our industry. Or, another county Farm Bureau leader may be writing an editorial to his or her local paper discussing complex issues about Arizona’s farm and ranch industry.

Only two percent of us feed everyone else. But everyone else has an opinion about how we do that. As a result, being part of the Farm Bureau family is more crucial than ever -- because some of those opinions are just plain wrong.

Our video reveals just how important Farm Bureau is to the industry and what we need to do in order to protect our futures and the next farm and ranch generation.