Farm Friday Fun with Arizona Agriculture

Farm Friday Fun with Arizona Ag allows teachers and students the opportunity to learn about a new commodity each month. Teachers can sign up by completing the online sign-up form HERE . Participants will receive a monthly email highlighting the commodity of the month with a fun fact sheet, a family farm or ranch highlight, and related lessons that can be done from home. 

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Month Commodity Fun Facts                                                      Farm Profile                                                  Lesson Plan Virtual Tour
Strawberries Strawberry Facts.pdf
Mortimer Profile'.pdf
Lesson Plans Mortimer Farms Berries

October Pumpkins

November Arizona Dates

December Citrus Month

January Broccoli

February National Hoof Care Month

March Hay

April Insects

May Wheat

*The above chart will be updated as each month's lessons and resources are released for the 2022-2023 school year.