By Justen Ollendick, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern and Arizona Association FFA Past State Officer (2013-14): If you’re in Tucson, Arizona from June 4-6th and near the University of Arizona campus, you might just come across a sea of blue and gold FFA jackets from all across Arizona. Thursday-Saturday of this week, Arizona Association FFA celebrates 85 years of memories, history, and successes. The 86th Annual Arizona Association FFA State Leadership Conference will be held at the Clarion Hotel located at 4550 S. Palo Verde and on the beautiful University of Arizona campus in Tucson, Arizona!

The lighting crew from Antelope FFA students (wellton, az) serving as the spot light operators. Antelope FFA has a 30-year tradition of spotlighting crew.

High school students, Agricultural Education Teachers/FFA Advisors, and Agricultural Industry representatives have come together to celebrate a year of accomplishments, recognize graduating/graduated students with academic scholarships, grant State FFA Degrees, Honorary FFA Degrees, and compete in Career Development Events such as Parliamentary Procedure, Prepared or Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Agriscience Fair, Agricultural Issues, and much more! FFA Members are attending workshops that are geared towards leadership training, career success, or advocating for agriculture.

State FFA Officers practicing for a general session at Centennial Hall on the University of Arizona campus

Colton Elmer, Current State FFA President says, “this year has been one of great success for Arizona FFA. As we celebrate many accomplishments of our association over the past year, let us remember our common ties that bind us together – our love for agricultural education, our passion for the FFA, and our dedication to the industry of American Agriculture.”

Arizona Farm Bureau’s Katie Aikins presented workshops on bringing Agriculture in the Classroom to your local FFA program, and Biosecurity and Technological Advancements in Agriculture. Aikins arranged for a Drone to be available for part of their workshop where students can learn about the uses of Drones in production agriculture.

Arizona Farm Bureau's Katie Aikins presenting one of two presentations during the state leadership conference for FFA students from across Arizona. This one covers animal agriculture biosecurity information and how extensive our safety efforts are on behalf of our livestock. 

FFA, strong and moving forward for the next 85-plus years!

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