By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau: Farm Bureau member Sue Krentz never asked for the role, doesn’t want it and often wishes she could turn back time. But for those who know her, she’s become that one voice “crying in the wilderness” to more effectively secure our Arizona border.

Krentz, along with Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, was recently honored at the 2nd Annual Brian Terry Foundation Dinner in Tucson. Krentz, the widow of Robert Krentz, who was killed on March 27, 2010, by an unknown assailant, purportedly from Mexico, along with two other individuals and two groups were recognized at the event.

“I have a counselor that told me, ‘I have only been in my new life suit for three years,’” said Krentz, referring to the time that’s now passed since her husband’s death. “So, I must grow into it even though I am 60 at the end of this month. That kind of helped.”

 Robert and Sue Krentz in happier times. 

Certainly her new life suit is what drives her and doesn’t let her hide in a corner and feel sorry for herself. Evidence of this showed up at the Foundation dinner in Tucson where she made gift bags for the other honorees. “Everyone who got an award received a Cowbelle cookbook, a tee shirt that says “Restore Our” and information on Rob's Scholarship and other information,” explained Krentz.

She calls her family, Robert's siblings and her three children, her “A Team.” “During the event, I thanked my kids for being of such great character. And son, Frank, his dad would be so proud of him; all the kids and grandkids.”

And while the grandkids will never get to know their grandpa Robert, Sue and the rest of the crew are doing double duty to make sure they know who he was to the family. “They will never know their granddad, so it’s up to me to talk of him.”

Of the award, Krentz was honored to accept it on behalf of the family, Robert’s siblings and her husband. She often remembers that Robert would tell her, “Remember John Wayne’s definition of courage? Being scared to death and saddling up anyway.”

“For Rob and me, we loved our family and our life. We were blessed,” she said.

Editor’s Note: The Rob Krentz Memorial Scholarship will be given annually to help further the education of a student from high schools in the Malpai Borderlands region who demonstrates outstanding promise in subjects related to native rangeland conservation. Donations may be made to the Scholarship Fund either by mail: Malpai Borderlands Group, P.O. Drawer 3536, Douglas, Arizona, 85608, or by logging onto their website at

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