Arizona cattle ranchers truly have a Federal Crop plan that works for them. Pasture, Rangeland, Forage program, otherwise known as PRF, is the insurance all your ranching neighbors are talking about. The value of this coverage is that you’re protected when you need it most. With the severity of this year’s drought, you’ll want to know even more about this program.

This federal crop insurance policy pays you when you don’t get enough rain to produce the forage you need for grazing. Every ranch and rancher are different, and your policy needs to be tailored exactly to fit your ranch.

But November 15 is a critical deadline date for the PRF program. As a federal crop policy, you can only sign up one time a year; November 15th is the deadline for the following calendar year. Many variables exist with this policy and although it’s a federal crop program your premium can vary significantly depending on your choices and why you need to consult with a well-qualified agent that can explain your options to you.

While American farmers throughout the United States have had similar safety nets for years, this is new to ranchers. Your agent should take the time to explain and educate you on how this program works and to make sure it’s right for you. After you have had time to get comfortable, you can decide what, if any, is enough PRF coverage for you.


What you need to know:

  • PRF policy is an RMA/USDA program and part of the Farm Bill.
  • There are many variables, and each choice can have very different outcomes.
  • There are some criteria to meet before the sign-up date. The earlier you begin the conversation the better.


You have 3 options:

1. Do nothing!

2. Talk to all your neighbors and sit on the fence!

3. Call a trusted agent soon!  But Note :

There are many different agents rushing to sell this “RAIN” insurance.  Many are reputable some not so much.  If you believe this might be valuable for your ranch please consider Farm Bureau and its partner Rain & Hail with 99 years of stability, size (largest crop insurer in the nation) and longevity as a trusted and respected partner in Agriculture.  


This program is an opportunity for you to protect your ranch and protect it well, especially for the next generation.


What Ranchers Say About the Program

  1. “If I had not had the rainfall insurance program to help pay for more feed and to keep them in a feedlot for several months, I would have very likely have had my ranch for sale right now. “


  2. “Although we have downsized our herd, it has been very helpful for providing hay, tubs and block to supplement to our remaining cattle during these tough times.”


  3. “It will help to compensate some for the low cattle prices in the southwest.”


  4. “It helps us to make much-needed improvements and repairs to the corrals where we have been feeding and processing our cattle”


  5. “The cattle we sold this spring were light in weight and this money helped a bunch when it came to all we had to spend to keep the cattle we have”


  6. “By having the insurance money, we have been able to hold on to our cows until it rains. Thank you so much for your help.”


Important points to Remember

  • You DO NOT need to do “all or nothing.” If you’ve been told that the information is incorrect.
  • 90% coverage level may NOT be the best choice for you, see your options and you choose.


The most important advice is to connect with an agent who is guided by your best interest, understands the ranching industry and the program and educates you on the program so you can make an educated decision.


Editor’s Note : Jill Wilson has given seminars on this program and well versed in the nuances of the program.


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