By Kevin Rogers, Arizona Farm Bureau President: Arizona Farm Bureau is not the only voice in agriculture, but it is a significant one. Certainly Arizona agriculture needs all of the advocates it can assemble. To build our advocates it's wise, therefore, to share our resources so that everyone, certainly our Arizona families, can understand Arizona agriculture.

But first, you might be curious to know what drives us to share our resources.

Christopher Columbus’ detractors may have been correct except as to geography. Politically and economically it is a flat world. Actions and events that appear remote are instantly upon us creating impact upon our businesses. Markets move with real time news and for farmers and ranchers (business in general), our costs of production are constantly bombarded with news and regulations. Although diminished in numbers, our economy is significant. It is often said we need a seat at the table because we set the table.

Arizona Farm Bureau's Favorite Arizona Agriculture Resources

So, Arizona agriculture is important to us. If you own a business you understand this. We thrive on shared resources. Because of this, Arizona Farm Bureau likes to share resources. As an organization, it's, in fact, in the business of resources.

Some of our favorite resources include the following with links to check them out.

  1. Arizona Farm Bureau's Fill Your Plate.
  2. Our Arizona "Classroom Presentations" for students.
  3. Arizona Farm Bureau's videos including featured America's Heartland videos.
  4. Arizona Farm Bureau's Ag in the Classroom program.