I’ve never been much of a gambler. Maybe it’s my risk-averse personality, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been an Arizona sports fan my entire life, which doesn’t give me a lot of athletic events worth betting on. Either way, it’s perhaps ironic that someone who isn’t a fan of wagering on things beyond my control is now in a profession, a major part of which involves placing “bets” on the metaphorical horses running in a political campaign. 

If we’re comparing politics to horse racing, AgPAC of the Arizona Farm Bureau would be the right friend to take with you to the track. AgPAC’s board of trustees puts each candidate running for statewide office in Arizona through a vetting process in which we interview candidates and analyze key votes, committee assignments, and leadership positions before deciding who is worthy of a contribution from our PAC. Of the 47 candidates to which Ag PAC contributed in 2020, 42 of them were successful in their races. (This includes several races that were geared as major long shots, such as Joel John’s House race in LD4.) During the 2020 election cycle, three of our five Campaign Management Seminar participants were successful in their races for state legislative races and a town council seat. We are proud that we were able to place so many of the right bets this election cycle. 

But of course, the resources we dedicate toward political candidates aren’t bets – they’re investments. Financial contributions to candidate committees help elect candidates who are well-versed in agricultural issues, dedicated to sound business policies, and committed to strengthening the agricultural industry. The time and resources that we spend hosting Campaign Management Seminars give candidates tangible tools to be successful in their campaigns, all while making Arizona Farm Bureau their go-to contact for political strategy and advice. And now, those investments will pay off as candidates, now elected officials, who align with Arizona Farm Bureau policy are sworn into office. 

None of our horse racing successes would be possible without the generous contributions from members like you. Last year, AgPAC raised $15,127 from 67 unique PAC members. Of that money, $15,000 was matched with a corresponding contribution to our Educational Farming Company. And this year, we’re excited to announce that our matching campaign is back! For every dollar you contribute to AgPAC, the Arizona Farm Bureau will make a matching contribution in your name to the Educational Farming Company. Not only do you double your money, but you also help ensure the success of your business and the prosperity of our state at the same time. 

While bets are placed for entertainment, investments are made for continued prosperity. Here’s to a new year of new horses, 42 of whom are running the race to the benefit of Arizona agriculture. 

Editor’s Note: To contribute to AgPAC, go to azfb.org and select the “Public Policy” link at the top. You’ll find our “AgPAC” link to the left where you can contribute online.