Stretch Your Food Dollar Menu 22

Arizona Farm Bureau put together a menu to help you stretch your food dollar by utilizing items that have gone down in price. This quarter’s items down in price are boneless chicken breast, bacon, deli ham, sirloin roast, shredded cheese, ground chuck, eggs, apples, potatoes, white bread, and flour To obtain actual recipes for the “Stretch Your Food Dollar Menu 22” go to and click on the recipe tab. 

Menu for the Week:

Sunday:                 Skillet Chicken with shallot cream sauce

                                Tossed Salad

                                Milk or Iced Tea

Monday:                Breakfast Burritos

                                Orange Juice


Tuesday:                Roast with potatoes

                                Corn on-the-cob

                                Milk or Iced Tea

Wednesday:           Salad with Beef slices

                                Crust bread or baguette

                                Milk or Iced Tea

Thursday:              Chicken Piccata

                                Baked potatoes

                                Milk or iced Tea

Friday:                   BLT sandwiches

                                Favorite chips

                                Milk or Iced Tea

Saturday:               Marinated Beef Tips

                                Tossed salad

                                Milk or Iced Tea

***You may adjust this suggested menu to your family’s likes and needs.

Shopping list

Dry goods:

1 loaf crusty bread or baggette

1 loaf sandwich bread

1 dozen flour tortillas


1 heads iceberg lettuce

1 bag American salad mix

2 large shallots

3 large slicing tomatoes

2 bags spinach

2 peppers red and green

1 package mushrooms

2 lbs small white onions

4 garlic cloves

5 lbs potatoes


2 gallons milk

2 cup bag of shredded cheese

Pantry items you might have on hand:

2 sticks butter                 Vegetable oil

Mayo                              Oregano

Hot sauce                       Salt & Pepper


Salad dressing


8 Boneless, Chicken Breasts

1 lb Bacon

3-4 lbs Roast

4 lbs Sirloin Steak tips


1 jar salsa

2 cans chicken stock

1 can capers

Olive oil

Soy Sauce- light

Red wine vinegar

½ pint heavy cream

1 dozen eggs

The cost of all the items on the “Stretch Your Food Dollar Menu 22” is about $75.70. Note that most of the shopping list items for this quarters menu are non-processed…keeping costs down.