By Katie Aikins, Arizona Farm Bureau: Though most people only think of biotechnology as being used in agriculture (all we hear in the media) it’s important to acknowledge that biotechnology has and is being used in a variety of other industries. Here are a few areas where biotechnology is being implemented: pharmaceuticals, information technology, chemicals and nanotechnology.

Genetic Engineering has helped millions of people by turning gene altered bacteria into microscopic factories that produce life-saving drugs: Hepatitis vaccine, clot busting drugs for heart attacks, insulin and so much more. In fact, labs around the country - globally - are regularly testing new scientific breakthroughs on behalf of improved medicines and our health in general.

In chemistry, they use biological products like peptides, DNA, and amino acids to develop a molecule that will bind to receptors in the human body. When these molecules bind to the receptor, they can turn it on or off. Having achieved this result, we can then make a new drug.

But Agriculture gets a bad rap when we discuss biotechnology. It’s time to change our attitudes about this. For a variety of resources to check out the science, Arizona Farm Bureau has created a “Biotechnology in Agriculture” page online at Explore the science and discover an exciting world.

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