As per 05.15.13 Associated Press (AP): 

J.R. Simplot is asking USDA and the FDA to approve five varieties of biotech potatoes (they reduce bruising, which reduces waste; they also reduce a naturally occurring carcinogen in potatoes).

At present the Idaho Potato Commission touts Idaho potatoes as not genetically engineered. 

USDA and the FDA are nearing their review of a genetically engineered apple that reduces browning.  According to the AP, the apple industry is opposing.

AZFB editorial:  Science keeps pushing this…we have likely only begun to touch the possibilities.  It should also be noted agriculture is not cheering all of this, because they fear the loss of markets or the confusion of markets.  It is clear the facts and open debate are good for the issue. 

Arizona Farm Bureau will continue to track and discuss these ongoing biotech issues including considering the impact to Arizona agriculture. For ongoing discussion on this go to one of our blogs, Julie's Fresh Air

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