The four primary Sectors are the foundation for anything that is produced in the world. Without these industries, we would not have food, clothing, transportation, homes, electronics and many more Items that are a part of our lives each and every day. So what are they?  

These four sectors are agriculture, mining, fishing, and forestry.

Arizona has all four of these primary sectors. With these prime sectors creating raw materials Arizona is able to thrive. Without these, we would not be able to have secondary or tertiary sectors.


Arizona agriculture is worth $23.3 billion and is one of the most important industries in our state. Without agriculture, we would not have food on our plates or clothing on our backs. Arizona grows a wide variety of crops like alfalfa, cotton, leafy greens, citrus, grains, pecans, and several types of melons. Not only do we grow crops but we also have an extensive amount of dairy production and cow-calf operations all across Arizona. Agriculture is the biggest primary industry that we have in Arizona.


Coming up second is mining. Mining is essential to our economy. Without mining, we would not have important minerals and materials needed to make things like cars and electronics, as well as buildings. There are about 66 minerals used to make the average computer. 4.29 billion dollars of the total economic impact of hard rock mining is in Arizona. Mining in Arizona also leads to about 12,000 direct mining industry jobs.


When talking about Arizona one might not think of our vast forests, however, Arizona has 2.4 million acres of pines in four different national forests. Also, 85 percent of Arizona’s land is comprised of national forests, parks, recreation and wilderness, and wildlife preserves. Along with this Arizona is among the most promising forest-based economic development opportunities in the biomass sector, that produces bio-based products like lumber.


Lastly, we have fishing in Arizona. Arizona is home to 15 different fish hatcheries that raise all different types of fish to stock all of our lakes. Out of those hatcheries, there are 29 different species of fish that are in Arizona. Arizona has instituted more than 30 different laws and regulations that fishermen have to follow, to ensure the safety of the different species as well as the longevity or our lakes.

When it comes to the primary sectors Arizona is product rich, and without the help of those who work within these industries, we would have nothing.

Editor's Note: Our sources for this article included the Arizona Mining Association, USDA, Arizona Game and Fish and the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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