Reauthorized every five years, The U.S. farm bill is the most significant legislation for farmers and ranchers in protecting their livelihoods, and for all Americans for ensuring a safe, nutritious food supply. The current farm bill is set to expire on September 30, 2023.

This legislation is so critical that failing to pass a new farm bill would have a serious impact on farming and food security in the United States. It’s essential for Congress to prioritize the passage of a new farm bill this year and get it done before the end of September to ensure the protection of our food, land and livelihoods.

Why is it so important? The farm bill gives farmers and ranchers the tools they need to keep their farms and food supply secure in all seasons. In addition, the farm bill funds nutrition programs like SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, as well as programs that support the U.S. agricultural sector, such as risk management, agricultural research, and conservation programs. 

The U.S. Congress must pass a farm bill this year to fully protect our food, land and livelihoods. We cannot afford to let the clock run out on the farm bill in 2023. It’s time for Congress to work together to ensure America’s farmers and ranchers can continue to provide safe and affordable food for all Americans.

To help and make your voice heard go to Farm Bill For America’s Families. We’re hoping that individual Farm Bureau counties in Arizona will sign on to the effort.