By Peggy Jo Goodfellow, Arizona Farm Bureau: I’m not an official “Foodie” but I love good food and I love to eat! All of our family get-togethers are built around food and fun. When I was a kid, my Mom would plan a weekly menu, make a grocery list and actually stick to it. Today she and I make the menu before each family celebration or event. Then we ask each person which dish or dessert they will bring to the get-together. If they aren’t sure, I’ll tell them to surprise us. There is always way too much food and everyone takes home leftovers, but it is special family fun and we all love each other and the food!

Did you know that Arizona Farm Bureau has an online directory of farmers and ranchers that sell direct, otherwise known as “retail farmers”?  It’s called Fill Your Plate. I encourage you to visit Fill Your where you’ll find, farm products from our retail farmers, Farmers Markets, and recipes, all searchable databases.

Sometimes we don’t feel like cooking and we all meet at one of our favorite restaurants. That’s when we take advantage of our Farm Bureau member discounts offered by several local restaurants. For those times when you and your family go out to eat, try some of our local restaurants that go beyond cowboy steaks and traditional Mexican fare sometimes associated with Arizona.  

Oh, and back to Fill Your Plate. Some of our farmers and ranchers featured there will offer you discounts if you show your Farm Bureau membership card. So, there’s a Farm Discount around every corner and online!

Here are a few dishes that showcase some of those non-traditional foods in Arizona and where to find them.

Crazy for Salad?

Chopped salad at the Citizen Public House on 5th Avenue is so popular that it has its own Facebook page.  It’s a crazy/brillant combination of couscous, sweet dried corn, smoked salmon, asiago, pepitas, tomatoes, ucrrants and arugular with a basil-ranch dressing.

Some Like it Hot!

Attention…Spicy-food fans. If you are looking forward to a dish declared fiery hot then look no further.  The harissa fries served at Fez on Central Avenue are inspried by the flavors to Morocco and they are indeed SUPER-hot!

Pizza with a twist

What makes an Avocado Pizza so good?  It might be the perfectly crispy yet slightly chewy crust or the lemon zest. Or is it the mix of salty prosciutto and creamy avocado?  At La Grande Orange Pizzeria on 40th Street it’s probably all of those things.

Are you hungry yet? Happy eating!

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