Peggy Jo Goodfellow, Arizona Farm Bureau’s Marketing Manager: Taking the kids to the movies sounds like fun, provided multiple trips to the bathroom, crying because someone spilled the popcorn and the child that gets bored and wants to run up and down the aisle doesn’t scare you. When my children were young we had a few tricks to make a trip to the movies an enjoyable family time…all without chains and gags.

Here are five tips toward fun at the movies for the entire family.

  1. Choose the right movieMake sure the movie you’ve chosen is suitable for your children’s ages and that the movie isn’t too long. Avoid the busier opening days to avoid larger crowds, long lines and more noise.
  1. Grab an aisle seat and a boosterA quick escape is always easier if you’re in or near an aisle seat. Make it easy on yourself to leave quickly and quietly without climbing over others. Most theatres have booster seats for small children…just ask at the ticket desk….the goal is to keep your lap child-free for an hour or two!
  1. Pre-purchase the tickets: Save yourself time at the ticket counter. Buy your tickets online. Farm Bureau members can save up to $3 a ticket when they buy a bundle of 10 Harkins Theatres tickets online at
  1. Bring your own snacksFor budget-friendly movie, skip the snack bar treats. You’ll save money and be able to limit the inevitable sugar rush that candy brings. As a compromise, grab a family–sized box of popcorn to share and bring the small boxed drinks from home.
  1. Let the kids know the ground rulesRoll out a few basic rules before you go to the movies. Make sure your children know the rules about being quite, staying in their seats and not disturbing other movie-goers. Always choose a time of day that suits the family’s routine. If your children are unruly or misbehaving let them know in advance that the consequence is to leave the movie altogether.

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