By Peggy Jo Goodfellow, Arizona Farm Bureau Marketing Manager:  Did you know that the color of your car may reveal things about your personality? It can work as a “psychological shortcut” that expresses how we want the world to think about us.

Other factors like trends, brands and models can affect what color car we choose. But, we’re always going to lean towards a certain color that says something interesting about us.

For the record, my car is white. My husband says this suits me. Read on.

Check the list below to see if your car matches your personality:

Color  and Personality

Red = You have a zest for life. Outgoing, aggressive fun and impulsive. You tend to be restless, extroverted and the life of the party

Gray = The gray car driver doesn’t want to stand out. You care less about status and more about the status quo.

Silver = You are practical, innovative, business-savvy and have good taste. Unlike gray a silver car has a metallic gleam which is an indicator of someone who is sophisticated.

Blue = You are compassionate, optimistic, stable hones and serene. You like to be admired for strong sense of self and wisdom

Green = You have a strong sense of self and don’t care what others think of you.  You are gentle and patient, but your peace-loving nature does tempt others to take advantage of you sometimes

Brown/Beige = You are down-to-earth, thrifty and honest- though sometimes you do tent to put your foot in your mouth. You prefer a car that will run well and last a long time.           

Gold = You live by the mantra, “don’t’ worry, be happy.” You are imaginative, wise, have a good sense of humor and a great mind for business.

Black = You are dignified and striking without being showy. You want to give the appearance of mystery, yet you are timeless, important and always in control.  Black is a power color, for sure.

White = You have taste and elegance and strive for perfection. Sometimes you long for a simpler life. White presents a fresh, modern face to the world.

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