By Peggy Jo Goodfellow, Arizona Farm Bureau: Rarely, if ever, is the instant version of something better than the real thing. Instant rice, instant coffee, instant meals; they simply don’t measure up. Why? Usually they require only one thing, heat or water, to make them edible. But can anything using only one element be an adequate substitute? This same question needs to be asked when it comes to background checks for business or personal use. 

Typically background checks involve looking at only one source with a single database of information that could be a year old. A member benefit to Arizona Farm Bureau, CrimShield has trained professionals that procure live, up-to-date comprehensive information from multiple sources. So, if you want the "real thing," not an instant or substitute version when it comes to background checks, your answer is CrimShield. 

Arizona Farm Bureau members can take advantage of a discount member benefit program that covers background checks, E-Verify and a referral service that creates a crime free circle that protects your family. Moving beyond a simple background check, CrimShield sets the industry standard by utilizing licensed private investigators that can perform a background investigation on each of your potential employees. Additionally, they are a designated federal agent of E-Verify.

“When it comes to employee E-verify and background investigations, I use CrimShield,” said Kelly Moss, dairyman and owner of Mountain Shadow Dairy in Litchfield Park.  “Since our home is adjacent to the dairy, the most important reason is the protection it provides for my family.” 

We all want to be safe in our homes and our workplace. Here are some of the sources use by CrimShield:

•   Federal Courts

•   State Courts

•   County Courts

•   Federal Bureau of Prisons

•   National Sex Offender Registry

•   State Sex Offender Registries

•   Current Warrants

•   Jails and Prisons

•   Other Online Sources

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