Downloadable Lessons

Arizona AgMags
  1. Arizona Five C AgMag
  2. Arizona Five C AgMag SPANISH
  3. Arizona Beef AgMag
  4. Energy and Ag AgMag
  5. Arizona Fruit and Veggie AgMag
  6. Arizona Specialty Crop AgMag
First Reader Books
  1. Farmers Grow Food First Reader Book
  1. The Apple Orchard RiddleGoogle Slides Activity
  2. The Apple Pie TreeGoogle Slides Activity
  3. Johnny AppleseedGoogle Slides Activity

Beef Cattle

  1. Beautiful Bovine-  Video PresentationPDF ActivityGoogle Slides Activity and  Beef Ag Mag
  2. Cowboy Rodeo - Google Slides Activity
  3. Beef A to ZGoogle Slides Activity


  1. Bee Life Cycle-  Video Presentation and  Dance
  2. Magic School Bus: Inside a BeehiveGoogle Slides Activity
  3. The HoneymakersGoogle Slides Activity
  4. The BeemanHoney Making Simulation Activity
  5. These Bees CountGoogle Slides Activity


  1. Cotton Now and ThenGoogle Slides Activity
  2. From Plant to Blue JeansGoogle Slides Activity

Composting and Soil

  1. Compost Stew Chef Hat Activity and  Google Slides Activity
  2. Diary of a WormGoogle Slides Activity
  3. DirtGoogle Slides Activity
  4. Soil BasicsGoogle Slides Activity

Dairy Cattle

  1. Daisy's Dairy DreamsThe Udder Story VideoFrom Farm To Table Coloring BookIce Cream In a Bag RecipeWhipping Butter Into Shape Activity,         
  2. From Cow To Ice CreamGoogle Slides Activity
  3. The Cow In Patrick O'Shanahan's KitchenFood Source Cards

Farm To Table

  1. All In Just One Cookie - Google Slides Activity
  2. Right This Very MinuteField to Fork Matching Cards
  3. Sleep Tight FarmGoogle Slides Activity

Fruits and  Veggies

  1. A Fruit is a Suitcase for a SeedGoogle Slides Activity
  2. The Vegetables We Eat- Veggie Bingo Activity and  Google Slides Activity
  3. Tops and Bottoms- Tops and Bottoms Trifold Activity and  Google Slides Activity
  4. Who Grew My Soup? Veggie Riddles Activity and  Google Slides Activity


  1. Horses!Google Slides Activity


  1. InsectlopediaGoogle Slides Activity


  1. The Kid Who Changed the WorldWorksheet
  2. John Deere, That's WhoGoogle Slides Activity


  1. PigGoogle Slides Activity
  2. The Three Little Racing PigsGoogle Slides Activity


  1. Extra Cheese Please!-  Google Slides Activity
  2. Grow Your Own Pizza-  VideoActivityGSA,                                            
  3. Pizza For The QueenPizza Time! Lesson and  Google Slides Activity
  4. The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)Google Slides Activity


  1. Chicks and ChickensChicken Life Cycle Coloring Sheet
  2. Chickens Have ChicksHatch at Home Lessons and Resources

Seeds and Plants

  1. Five Tough and Tiny Seeds- Sorting Seeds Activity
  2. First Peas to the TableGoogle Slides Activity
  3. From Seed to PlantGoogle Slides Activity
  4. Magic School Bus: Plants SeedsGoogle Slides Activity
  5. Plants-  VideoGrowing at Home Without SoilExample 1 and  Example 2
  6. Seed Soil Sun- Parts of a Plant Flash Cards


  1. Alfonso Grows Up on the Sheep TrailGoogle Slides Activity
  2. Emily Walks The Sheep TrailGoogle Slides ActivitySheep to Sweater Activity  and  How It's Made Wool Video
  3. Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep - Google Slides Activity
  4. Sheep in a Jeep - Google Slides Activity
  5. The Shepherd's Trail - Google Slides Activity
  6. Mickey The Sheep DogSheep Dog Activity


  1. Soybeans A to ZGoogle Slides Activity


  1. Bread Comes to Life- Google Slides Activity Bread In a Bag Activity


  1. Water Cycle-  VideoSongPDF Activity, and  Google Slide Activity

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