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Virtual Tours
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Hickman's Family Farms
Hickman's Family Farms is Arizona's only egg producer with chickens and a USDA-inspected processing plant. Hickman's has provided fresh eggs since 1944. Hickman's Hen Houses can be found in Glendale, Maricopa and Buckeye. 

Facility Tour

Dobson Family Sheep Drive
Ever wonder how this family moves their sheep from winter pastures in the valley to summer pastures in the high country? Take a look to see how this historic sheep trail is still being used today. 

City Slickers: The Udder Story
Just like we take advantage of new technologies, no longer cary the big brick phones but instead take advantage of the 4g-fit-in-your-pocket style, agriculture also continues to integrate new technologies. Take a look at this Arizona Dairy and see how technology has allowed the dairy industry to grow. 

Arizona Ranching
Find out what Arizona Ranchers are doing to survive in a difficult industry. 

Arizona Nuts and Wine
See how an Arizona Farmer and his wife have planted 62,000 pecan trees and 5 varieties of grapes. 

Yuma Arizona Produce
Discover the salad bowl of Arizona, Yuma!

High Tech Farming
Learn how and why agricultuire today is changing

Sustainable Cotton Farming

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