Agriculture in the Classroom

Agriculture in the Classroom

AITC Mission

The Arizona Farm Bureau Agriculture in the Classroom Program develops and implements curriculum and programs, aligned to the state learning standards to help students and teachers be successful, while increasing agricultural awareness in K-12 classrooms and beyond.

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AITC Opportunities 2019-2020

Looking for great resources and presentations for your classroom? Scheduling is open for the 2019- 2020 school year! To sign up for a FREE classroom presentation or curriculum kit please email the following:

Elementary and Middle School -  Tori Summey at

High School - Katie Aikins at

To view a complete list of available presentations and resources visit our Teacher Resource Center HERE.

Purple Plow STEM Challenge

Students can learn about important issues related to water and work to create a solution that could win their class a 3D Printer! This year's question is "How can we improve the quality of our runoff and, in turn, reduce dead zones in our water resources." For more information, visit the challenge page HERE.

Submissions are due by 11:59 EST on May 15th.

#Be Informed Webinar Series
The Ag in the Classroom Program has teamed up with the our Government Relations Team to help us understand the issues that the agricultural community is facing today. 

How a Bill Becomes a Law
Want to know how a bill becomes a law? Check out this engaging webinar to see just what it takes! Click HERE

Ag Trade
 I will give you a snickers if you give me a butterfinger. Unfortunately,it is NOT that simple! To learn more about trade in agriculture be sure to watch the Trade Webinar. Click HEREto watch the full webinar. 

Fake Meat
Through this webinar, students will be able to understand the different products available in the Fake Meat category. What are these plant and cell based products? What problem are they claiming to solve? What do they mean for agriculture? Watch as we discuss these questions and more! Click HERE to watch the webinar!

Endangered Species Act
To listen to our first webinar on the Endangered Species Act please click HERE. Be sure to stay tuned to the end for additional resources and suggestions for how to make this your topic for the Ag Issues CDE. Questions? Contact Katie Aikins at 


Learn about where your food comes from first hand! Each month classrooms will learn about one of Arizona's agricultural commodities. Through this digital curriculum package, teachers will receive a profile on an Arizona Farm Family, facts about the commodity of the month, a short video about the month's crop, and an accompanying lesson plan. Participating teachers will also receive a pdf of the  Fruit and Veggie Ag Mag   and the  Arizona Specialty Crops Ag Mag.  This year's program will celebrate Arizona's agricultural heritage by partnering with the  Arizona Farming and Ranching Hall of Fame  to offer farm and ranch profiles from those who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

New this year, we will also be offering a monthly contest to encourage classrooms to dig deeper into each commodity. Contest # 2 allows students to explore that cattle industry in Arizona. Students will then work together to create a book or video highlighting the many things we get from cattle or how farmers and ranchers pamper their cattle. The winning classroom will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card. More details can be found HERE

The Winners of Contest # 1 are...

Mrs Peterson, Kindergarten, Faith Mathers Sossaman Elementary
Mrs Johns & Mrs Belvado, Kindergarten, Faith Mathers Sossaman Elementary