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We Need Your Help to Get A Farm Bill Passed This Year


Passing a Farm Bill this year is critically important.

Arizona’s Local Eggnog, The Talk of the Town this Holiday Season


Danzeisen Dairy has already sold more local, fresh eggnog this holiday season than they did all last year through December 25th.

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Arizona's Competitive Grocery Market and What it Means to Arizona Farming


Working with only a one to two percent profit margin, grocery retailers have developed apps for cell phones that will advertise, allow for ordering and connecting with customers before they even walk in the store.

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Arizona Farming Business Makes the Semifinals of Nationwide Innovation Challenge


The urban aquaponics fish and produce business now wait to hear if they become one of four finalists who will compete at AFBF’s Annual Meeting this January in New Orleans.

Don't Spread Infections, Wash Your Hands


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Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Ray Alcaida


Ray Alcaida was a long-time member and supporter of Arizona Farm Bureau.

Arizona’s Pork Story Can’t Be Told Without Tom Miller


According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Arizona’s pork industry ranges from a low of $33 million in cash receipts (2017) to as high as $60 million.

After 100 Years, Victory Declared Over a Really Bad Bug


The attack was persistent, relentless, methodical and annually cost tens of millions of dollars and spread to other states.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Klingenberg Family


Klingenberg bought his first field of 40 acres in 1965 and continued to work for Valley Seed for 14 years.

Water Planning is Messy, as it Should Be


For thousands of years, agriculture has moved this state forward and never more efficiently than today

Let's Talk Agriculture at the Fence Line


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Meet Arizona Agriculture’s William Stambaugh


In over 50 years Bill never missed a Pinal County Fair Junior Livestock Auction.

Educational Farming Company. What’s that?


The Educational Farming Company is an organization that champions agriculture in Arizona by promoting efforts to develop youth, teach agriculture in Arizona’s classrooms and informs the public about farming and ranching.

7 Tips to Ensure You’ll Drink the Wine You Like


In Arizona, it’s not unusual to end up talking to the wine-maker and owners of some of our state’s most fabulous wines.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Emil Rovey Family


In agriculture circles, we often say at least one Rovey will be at an upcoming agriculture or Farm Bureau meeting. And, once you read Emil Rovey’s story, you’ll understand why.

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Fighting Hunger in Arizona with Agriculture's Help


Arizona has ranked 10th nationally in food insecurity but dropped to 12th in a recent study; we are still 6th in the country for child food insecurity.

You're an Annual Meeting Delegate, Now What!?


Arizona Delegates from County Farm Bureaus around the state discuss and vote on policies that lead Farm Bureau’s work on key issues that will impact agriculture.

The Story of Arizona Chili Peppers Can't Be Told without Ed Curry


In the farming industry, the genetic origins for 80 to 90 percent of the chilis grown commercially in the U.S. can be traced back to Curry’s farm in Arizona.

Arizonans Need to Vote No on Prop 127 to Keep Electrical Rates Affordable


An average 2,200-cow Arizona dairy can easily run annual energy bills of $500,000. Proposition 127, on this year’s ballot, could easily end up adding another $200,000 to a dairy farmer’s energy bill to run his dairy and keep his cows comfortable.

Guess What 2018 Candidates Are Saying about Arizona Agriculture


With the General Election only a few short weeks away, the Arizona Farm Bureau reached out to candidates in key races to solicit their response to our 2018 General Election Candidate Questionnaire.

2018 Fall Pumpkin and Corn Maze Festivals


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Crushing Arizona’s Wine Grapes


Arizonans annually drink 19.2 million gallons of wine. In 2016, Arizona wine growers produced no more than 190,008 gallons. This means our local winemakers have the potential to crush a lot more grapes.

Arizona is Good at Growing Melons


Because of our 300-plus days of super sunshine in Arizona, cantaloupe and honeydew melons can be harvested in the spring and fall.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Jeannette Fish


For dedication and service to Maricopa County farmers and Farm Bureau over the past 20 years, Jeannette Fish received the Distinguished Service to Agriculture award from Maricopa County Farm Bureau and also Arizona Farm Bureau in 2015.

We're High on Hemp!


We're high on Hemp but it's not what you think!

Make your Own Lunchables


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Arizona’s Pistachio Story


Cochise County produces lots of wine grapes, pecans, and pistachios.

Want a Date?


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Pecan Power in Arizona Farming


We celebrate Arizona agriculture in all its forms. Pecans are just one of those special crops we grow in this desert state.

Farmers and Ranchers Dig Deep


Sacrifice carries deep meaning but for military families it’s routine.

Food Safety’s Farm-to-Fork Continuum


Everyone in the farm-to-fork continuum should keep documentation for one-step back and one-step forward, meaning that they know who they received the product from and they know who they gave it to, the food supply chain.

Candidates in Contested Primaries Share Their Plans for Arizona Agriculture


This summer, Arizona Farm Bureau gathered comments from candidates in key primary races through its 2018 Primary Election Candidate Questionnaire. The agriculture-focused questions were designed to give members an overview of the agriculture-related positions held by primary candidates in competitive races.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Monica Kilcullen Pastor


If you’re in agriculture in this state and involved in leadership roles, certainly agriculture education, you know who Monica is and what her passion is: teaching teachers to teach youth about where their food comes from. Plus, a few other things we’ll find out.

Monsoon Rains Bring More Bugs!


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Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Meier Family


The Meier’s family, beginning with his father, Bill, had always farmed hundreds of acres in what we’d consider close to the heart of Phoenix, much of it on land that now has houses instead of crops.

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Arizona Farm Bureau Successes


The best way to explain our lobbying and outreach story is to show the highlights of the last two decades. We plan to share weekly highlights of each one of the years beginning in 2000.

Beef and Dairy Cattle: Breeds Apart


In general, dairy cattle are bred and raised for their ability to produce milk and beef cattle are mainly raised for meat.

Steps to Mitigate Financial Risks on the Farm


Financial condition, risk management, and planning for the future are the top areas for evaluating how well you've set up to protect your farm or ranch for the future.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Tommy and Sammie Caywood


This fourth-generation farm family from Casa Grande is perhaps one of our strongest Arizona farm families advocating for the continuous education of the public about modern-day farming.

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Farmer with Long-time Roots in Congressional District 1 Gets Arizona Farm Bureau’s AgPAC Endorsement


“Tiffany Shedd is a true Arizonan, true westerner, and true agriculturalist,” said AgPAC Chairwoman Sherry Saylor.

Smallhouse Urges Congress to Save Ranches, Federal Lands


The Carlink Ranch straddles the Lower San Pedro River and operates in the same location it did for more than 130 years ago.

Tasting History, Arizona’s Ancient Grains!


Sossaman and Anderson have a passion for farming and are excited about the new wave of interest in ancient grains.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Morin Family


The public’s idea of the cowboy and ranching is somewhat romanticized. There are times, that ranching is not romantic at all.

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Arizona Farmers Pleased With Farm Bill Passage in the House


The Farm Bill is a bill for everyone in Arizona and America,” said Arizona Farm Bureau President Stefanie Smallhouse and Pima County rancher.

Fun Facts about Arizona’s Desert Durum ®


Ultimately, we, here in Arizona and California, believe our Desert Durum® holds celebrity status on the world market, certainly with Italy. This, the country, that knows pasta!

Summey to Serve as Ag in the Classroom Manager


Tori is the perfect fit for our Ag in the Classroom Team.

What the Farm Bill Means to Arizona


The Arizona Farm Bureau and the Association of Arizona Food Banks joined forces to report how important the passage of a Farm Bill in 2018 is to all Americans, and certainly Arizona families.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Eric Wilkey


We in agriculture have a pretty strong appreciation for the positive benefits of trade.

A Deep Dive into the Importance of Arizona's Local Markets


Says Local First Arizona Founder, "One of the things Local First is best at is helping people understand the true costs of the things they buy."

Today’s News Information is Omnipresent but Ag Trade Seems Ignored


We can confirm this by a statistic coming from the Arizona Department of Agriculture: 70 countries import Arizona crops, commodities, and seeds.

The Most Interesting Facts about Arizona Dairies You’ll Ever Read


To spend time learning about how we get our milk from the farm to the grocery store and what it takes to take care of our Arizona dairy cows is a pretty cool story.

An Ounce of Support and Then Some


As Arizona Farm Bureau members, you’re in a unique position to understand just how important elections can be.

2018 Fire Season is Here! Are You Prepared?


Leaders of the Arizona Farm Bureau and the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association recently met with representatives from Forest Service, BLM, State Land, and the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management to discuss the best ways to communicate with on-the-ground response teams during a fire-related incident.

It’s Time to Understand and Embrace Neonicotinoid Insecticides


Neonicotinoid insecticides are the least of bees’ problems. In fact, years of monitoring show proper use of neonicotinoids doesn’t harm bees.

Horizons Loom Big in Farm and Ranch Country


Out on the open range, a rancher sees far away and he or she thinks of the possibilities. A farmer, checking his fields, sees a clear line on the horizon where his crops are growing; he too sees the future, the possibilities.

Ag in the Midst of a Crisis


Think about what is being asked of us? We need to produce more, higher quality products for a lower cost without using technology such as genetics without slighting an animal’s perceived comfort level and without emitting an ounce of ammonia or other naturally occurring gas into the atmosphere and in a labor market with virtually zero unemployment

Farm Bill Vote Disappoints Farmers


Democrats were expected to vote against final passage of the bill and it was anticipated that Freedom Caucus members were not completely on board, however, the outcome came as quite a disappointment to many.

Want to Conserve Water? Don’t Waste Your Food!


We show you how to double the benefit on two important issues: Water conservation and Food Waste.

Meet the Waylon and Leah Wuertz Family


There are small gourds, large gourds, stout gourds, twisted gourds and every gourd in between. You guessed it, we’re talking about the Annual Wuertz Farms Gourd Festival held every February in Casa Grande on the Wuertz Family Farm.

We’re Serious about Food Safety


Our California and Arizona produce farmers are serious about food safety and our most recent video on this topic highlight that point.

The Farm Bill: A Safety Net During Tough Times


Arizona Farm Bureau has made it easy for you to contact your legislators and tell them that the Farm Bill is key to the continued success of Arizona agriculture.

100 Ranches


Arizona Beef

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Nickerson Family


Arizona Farm Bureau’s Ag education program profiled broccoli and one of our farm families that grows it on a regular basis, the Nickerson family. Today, we feature the family in our ongoing series and asked them about Farm Bureau.

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Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Tom Miller


Tom Miller’s dedication to the pork industry in Arizona and on the national level is beyond words. For Arizona, Miller is the quintessential spokesperson for quality pork production in our state.

Ag Markets and Trade: A Conversation about the Uncertainty


The U.S. is 4% of the world population, yet we have the natural benefit of close to 25% of the world’s productive farmland. This naturally makes us a country that needs exports in some form or another.

What, Agriculture in Arizona?


It’s becoming a rare occurrence, but I still run into people that say, “You have farming in Arizona?”

Celebrate Arizona Pork


In 2016, Arizona hogs brought in $47.5 million in cash receipts to our state, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

Cattle and Wildlife Hang Out Together!


Today in Arizona, you’ll find that our ranch families are stewards of habitat on public and private lands

Food Safety's New Way Forward in Arizona


Mr. Oddo’s insights highlight the high points of Senate Bill 1063: Produce Safety Rule; State Administration recently signed into law by Arizona’s Governor Ducey. The bill allows the Arizona Department of Agriculture to assume primary enforcement of the Produce Safety Rule.

Biotech is Big Time in Arizona!


Arizona cotton, corn and alfalfa account for nearly 20% of our state’s crop production! 96.3% of Arizona’s cotton is biotech (GMO).

Second Extension Aids Ag's Unique Transportation Needs


U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue recognizes agriculture’s unique transportation needs and applauded Transportation Secretary Elain Chao ELD waiver announcement in the following statement:

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It’s All about Video Now


A video is another way to tell our story, tell it correctly and engage the public.

Celebrating our Families: Kerr Family Dairy


The Kerr Family Dairy in Buckeye is home to 2,300 dairy cows and 600 acres of alfalfa, sorghum, and oats.