Arizona Farm Bureau is providing a one-stop shop for you to access resources about Biotechnology in Agriculture. 

Arizona Farm Bureau policy supports biotechnology in agriculture. The non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization also supports organic and traditional agriculture. We celebrate it all!

We grow three biotech crops in Arizona: Cotton, Alfalfa and corn. They reduce pesticide use, improve farming productivity and are better for the environment.


1. Arizona Farm Bureau = Biotechnology (grades 9-12) 

Presentation length: 50 + minutes (can be tailored to your class period) 

Students will participate in discussion about one of agriculture's most debated issues: biotechnology and GMOs. This presentation will introduce students to the history and science behind genetically modified organisms. To schedule a presentation contact Katie Aikins at 480.635.3608.

2. University of Arizona = Ellsworth, P.C.   Making Sense of Genetically Modified Crops.

4 slides per page, PDF file 2.89 MB) = 

3. University of Arizona = General cache of Presentations on GM crops and Biotechnology 

GM Crops and Biotechnology


Other Resources

Scientist Kevin M. Folta's blog illumination on the Biotechnology Issue

Websites Focused on GMOs

1.       Genetic Literacy Project

2.       GMO Answers