Yes, the Arizona Farm Bureau is the largest general agricultural organization in the state. Our members represent all types of farming and ranching and come in all shapes and sizes; that includes diversity and inspiring stories of these families they got started in farming and ranching.

If you want to learn more about the “urban farmer” you’ll find him or her in our membership. If you want to learn more about our cotton farmers who sell their crop on the world commodity market, you’ll find him or her in our membership. You can learn about our dairy farmers and our ranchers here at the Arizona Farm Bureau as well.

Each month, we try to profile one of our Arizona agriculturalists. Our list is quite extensive as we’ve interviewed more than 160 farm and ranch families throughout the state. And, we keep adding to the list.

If you’re curious about some of them, here’s a list of the most recent we’ve profiled.

  1. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Diwan Family (Cotton and other crops)
  2. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Kris Johnson (Well Testing, agribusiness)
  3. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Ross Family (Cattle and farming)
  4. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Allan Simons (agribusiness)
  5. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Ollerton Family (Forage and cotton crops) 
  6. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Andrus Family (Cattle, Apache County Ranchers)
  7. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Hiscox Family (Cotton and alfalfa)
  8. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Peggy & Art Allen Family (Yuma Produce)
  9. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Kelly Family (Greenlee County 6K6 ranch ranchers)
  10. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Holcomb Family (Apple Annie’s Agritourism)
  11. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Angle-Larson Family (Graham County farmers, Orchard)
  12. Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Benny Aja Family (Cattle)

We’re proud of our 27,000 members, ag and associate. So many of the farm and ranch families we profile also happen to be in volunteer leadership roles for the Arizona Farm Bureau. We celebrate them!