Yuma County

Contact:   Ana Kennedy Otto

E-Mail:  anakennedy@azfb.org

Phone:  (480) 635-3614






Yuma County ranks 1st in the state for Durum Wheat production and vegetable production.
They also rank 3rd for cattle and 4th for Cotton, Barley and Alfalfa production. 
They also produce seed for crops that will be grown both in the state and around the nation.

Yuma County is known as the "Winter Salad Bowl Capital." They produce almost all of the veggies consumed in the United States during the winter months.

Local Leadership

Art Allen

Vice President
Paul Brierley

Myrle Marlatt          

Kent Inglett 

Casey Berner
John Boelts                 
Chris Clayton
Jon Dinsmore
Brock Gill                
John Hume
Marvin Marlatt
Harold Maxwell
Marcos Moore
Wade Noble                
Cecil Pratt
Pat Riley
David Sharp

Women's Leadership
Kris Pratt

Young Farmer & Rancher Chair
Kirk Dunn


The monthly board meetings are the third Wednesday of each month at noon in Yuma, AZ.


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Yuma County Farm Bureau offers a scholarship to students from the county who are majoring in agriculture.

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